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22 May 12 Looking to buy Traffic names

We are buying traffic names

ONly Generic (NO TM domains)

20-30 multiples

budget of xx,xxx mid

Please send screenshot for last 90 days PM ONLY.

22 May 12 WTB Psychologist online related domain, acronyms wellcomed

Subject, mental help shrink, others

Budget low xxx - low xxxxx

Pm me your offers

Thank you!

21 May 12 Looking for Supplement Store domain


I have a client that is looking for a name for an online diet/vitamin/supplement store. They are looking for the domain with best bang for their buck and have up to a 10k budget depending on the quality of the domain.

Some model domains might be:,, or

Please post only domains with prices. If we are interested in your domain I will send you a PM to talk further.

17 May 12 Looking for Insurance Domains


Im Looking for Auto & Life Insurance Generic Domains

Only .com & .net domains

Budget :- $5k

Please PM your domains with Price.

16 May 12 Buying Go-Daddy dotcoms. Price range X to XX,XXX

If you have names at Go-Daddy that are dotcom and you believe that a knowledgeable domain investor would rather have the names than the cash you are asking for, then go ahead and send me your names. I will look them over and I will buy the names if I feel that I am better off with the names than the cash. I am not a developer, so at some point I need to be able to have a legit chance at selling to someone else, or I need to be able to make some money from parking.

Dotcom only. Go-Daddy only. No exceptions. I will pay XX,XXX if the opportunity is right. I will also pay X for a single name if it is worth registering. I will consider a large group of names if you are doing a fire-sale of Go-Daddy dotcoms. Price them right, and remember, it is not relevant what you paid for it, or what someone offered you years ago. Asset prices change.

I am buying from now until September, though I may wait a few days so that I can get a better understanding of what is available, and at what price. You may have good deals that I pass up, but don't take it personally, as I am simply looking to get the best bang for my buck. If you aren't feeling any pain when you sell then you might need to lower the price a bit.

15 May 12 WTB memory, memories," in memory of" related domain, acronym’s wellcomed

Hi guys, if you have such PM me please. Budget from xxx - low xxxxx for best domains.

Thank you!

06 May 12 WTB: HIGH END .com GENERIC ONE WORD budget $100k – $400k

DO NOT SEND ME CRAP NAMES! plz only pm if solid domain, use your head...

REcently got a great name, now im addicted and want a bigger one...

1. .com
2. Generic
3. Exact match over 100,000+ keyword tool

Examples of something like im looking for:,,, etc... etc...

budget is $100k to a max of $400k

02 May 12 Domains for drug and or alcohol addiction

I am Still looking for Good Domains for drug and or alcohol addiction rehab and treatment
must have age 3 years or more, not interested in less age.

02 May 12 Christian Rehab and Addiction Sites

looking for a Christian Rehab , alcohol or drug,
.net or .com only
3 years or older only

01 May 12 WTB – Domain for a design/phone app/development site

I am looking for a .com to use for a web design, app design, programming, website maintenance company.

No set budget in mind.

Either PM or post what you have.