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31 Dec 08 Completely off-topic

…. I’m exasperated.  I offered to help someone set out an auction for eBay (it’s currently up and running, but looks a little rough round the edges.)  Unfortunately, when I look at the mile long copy, I realise it’s been created in MS Word (or similar) and pasted into the auction, including all the dubious coding extras.  AAAAAAAAAArgh.

Please, if you’re going to create text for auctions, why not treat yourself to the wonderful (free) Alleycode editor.


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08 Jun 08 U.S. President Teaches You Marketing!

Dear Friend:

Crazy as it sounds, the next U.S. President, whether it’s McCain or Obama, is gonna help you sell more of your stuff.

“Oh, yeah. Right Marlon. Let’s see you ‘splain this one to me…”

No seriously. Read this email for the complete scoop. It ain’t gonna cost you a cent, pound or peso. So wadda you got to lose?

Well, it’s election time again in the U.S. You guys and gals in UK, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada and so forth are probably even hearing about it.

The candidates are making their final whistle stops. It’s a good time to talk the marketing of a President.

There’s a lot YOU can learn from this year’s election that can show you the path to selling more of your stuff.

Isn’t it kind of strange that the most prestigious job in the U.S. comes down to one thing –


See, marketing is about selecting MARKETS for a product or service and designing an APPEAL to that MARKET that will get a response.

That’s what marketing is. The study of and appeal to markets. I bet a lot of people teaching marketing don’t even understand that.

Yeah, you have the traditional marketing mix of product, price, promotion and distribution (or place).

But at heart, it’s just about markets. Who is in the market for MY product (or service).

Think of it like this: The President IS a product that is sold to markets. Who are those markets?

Gays, lesbians, religious groups, right wing, left wing, investors, educators, labor unions, moms ‘n dads,
corporations, small businesses, and so forth.

You will hear each of the candidates specifically pick out certain of those groups and make an appeal or promise to them.

The appeal or promise is essentially a HEADLINE. It’s the articulation of a promise or a benefit.

A candidate is in the JOB of picking out groups or markets and making a PROMISE to them of a BENEFIT.

If you WATCH TV, you’ll see them speaking to different groups, making appearances at schools, labor union rallies, army groups, educators and so forth.

All in an effort to GET PUBLICITY for a marketing message delivered to a specific group or audience.

They don’t give a speech ’cause they wanna get their message to the local PTA. They do it because they’ll get national media coverage and gratus media coverage.

So instead of paying for radio ads or TV spots, they get advertising without forking over any green stuff.

You’ll notice they use all the media: TV, radio, billboards, publicity, direct mail, telephones, and more
I’m not thinking of right now.

Heck, they even have the equivalent of a commissioned affiliate program — you help ME get elected, and you’ll get pork barrell legislation back in return, or you’ll get a cushy cabinet position…or somethin’ along those lines.

What can YOU learn from this?

What GROUPS are you aiming specific promises or messages at for your product or service?

Even the President lives and dies by marketing. And if he or she needs to know it, don’t you think YOU better know it too?

Best wishes,
Marlon Sanders

P.S. If’n you want a crash course in marketing (both
online and offline), you can get it here:

(By the way, if you problems on your PayPal limit, we have
an alternative payment method. Just live chat us

You may not make it to running for President. But I bet
you can get a better job, start a more successful
business, promote your group or organization with more
success — or help your kids be more successful in life.

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08 Jun 08 Internet Marketing Center Product Review

Learn The Strategies A 23-Year-Old Inner City Kid Is Using To Make $66,000+ Each Month On The Internet…

…And Discover How YOU Can Duplicate

His Success!

Product Review:

“The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business

on the Internet — VERSION 2008

By Derek Gehl and The Internet Marketing Center

I’ve just finished reading the step-by-step guide considered by many to be the Internet marketing BIBLE “The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet VERSION 2008″…

And I have to tell you I’m completely blown away by the sheer volume of money-making information Derek Gehl has managed to pack in!

“Insider Secrets” reveals the *exact* step-by-step formula the Internet Marketing Center (of which Derek is the CEO) has used to grow a $25 investment to over $60,000,000 in online sales.

And it’s hot off the presses after being updated for 2008 with the very latest cutting-edge strategies for profiting online!

In TWO 8″ x 11″ full color binders containing 800+ pages, broken down into 64 lessons, this system is packed FULL of:

  • Step-by-step Internet marketing strategies for both Internet newbies AND experienced website owners
  • Action Plans at the end of every lesson telling you the EXACT steps you need to take next
  • In-depth case studies of successful e-business owners (like inner city kid Jermaine G., who raked in over $800,000 last year teaching people how to play the piano online!)

I’m really impressed by the combination of basic AND advanced website profit strategies Derek has poured into “Insider Secrets”

… So if you’re a total Internet newbie, you’ll learn how to transform your hobbies and passions into a lucrative online business you can grow from scratch!

And if you already have an Internet business, the advanced sections of this system will show you how you can send your online profits through the ceiling!

After testing out a handful of the strategies myself, I was left speechless by how effective — and profitable — each one was…

“Insider Secrets VERSION 2008,” you’ll discover:

  • FREE tools and resources you can use to easily build a website in less than a few hours – even if you have ZERO web design experience!
  • How to develop a brand new product (for FREE!) in less than 2 weeks!
  • The secrets to growing an opt-in list like crazyeven on websites that get almost NO traffic!
  • Little-known, one-minute salescopy trick that can increase online sales by up to 714%… or more!
  • How to recruit an ARMY of eager salespeople for zero money up front

    – you don’t pay them until they make a sale!

  • The most lucrative, no-brainer product to sell on the Internet — how does 100% NET PROFIT sound?
  • How to score a top ranking in the search engines and directories like Google, Yahoo!, AltaVista, ODP, AllTheWeb, Ask, and more!… And that’s barely scratching the surface!

But Derek Gehl doesn’t stop there…

He also throws in FIVE super bonuses — including 4 resource CDs and one DVD — with additional lessons, examples, interviews, and website reviews!

I give Insider Secrets VERSION 2008 a perfect 10 out of 10 without hesitation.

And the cool part is that you can take this step-by-step blueprint to online profits out for a test drive RISK FREE!

To find out more, CLICK HERE NOW

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25 Feb 08 A New Way To Make Money With eBay

When you hear “eBay” and “money” in the same sentence you’re probably think of becoming an eBay seller.

You place product listings in the eBay marketplace, buyers bid, you pay your eBay seller fees and what you have left is your profit margin.

There is, however, another way to build a business which still revolves around eBay but which doesn’t involve you selling a single thing in the eBay marketplace.

This “other way” opportunity is based on the eBay affiliate program and a great tool which makes entry into this opportunity not only possible but also super easy. This tool is called “Build A Niche Store“.

Now if you don’t know – an affiliate program enables you as an individual internet entrepreneur to promote the products of a company in exchange for a commission on all sales that you refer.

You are basically operating as an internet middleman and connecting internet browsers to particular products and companies through you own network of websites and marketing methods.

If we return to the eBay affiliate program, eBay actually invites you to promote all of the product listings in the eBay marketplace and in exchange for your efforts will pay you up to 75% of the revenue they make from each sale you refer plus up to $35 for each new active eBay member you refer.

You can have a read about the affiliate program here

What this means is that you can earn up to three quarters of eBay’s revenue simply for connecting people to the products listed in the eBay marketplace.

Not only do you get to partner with the best branded marketplace in the world, you also get access to and control over ALL of the products listed in this marketplace. The eBay product inventory becomes YOUR product inventory and yet you do NOT have to stock items, deal with customers, organize shipping or process refunds.

You are no longer limited to selling only those products which you can buy and sell for a profit margin. You can choose ANY niche market and promote those eBay products relevant to your chosen niche outside of the eBay marketplace, funnelling targeted traffic through to eBay and into your own affiliate commissions.

Golf clubs, sewing kits, laptops, dog collars, diamond rings, Florida real estate…

If you know eBay you know how BIG it is – there are NO limits.

At this point you might be thinking – well this sounds interesting but in reality is there any money in it? Well, here’s the shocker – eBay’s top affiliates make over 1 million dollars a month. That’s right – 8 figures a year without stocking, selling or shipping a single thing!

Now eBay does provide some basic free tools to help you succeed as an eBay affiliate and build an affiliate business BUT it has been the development of a tool outside of eBay that has really opened this up as a legitimate business opportunity.

The tool, as I mentioned earlier, is called “Build A Niche Store” and what it enables you to do is build eBay affiliate websites targeted to any eBay niche you want. These act as the medium through which you funnel targeted visitors to eBay.

Here are a couple of examples, one targeting Race Cars and the other Golf

Paintball eBay Affiliate Website
Golf eBay Affiliate Website

As you can see, these are professional looking websites that contain all of those eBay products related to their target niche inside a searchable store format, each of which automatically contains your eBay affiliate id.

These stores then automatically update as new products are listed for sale and old listing expire from the eBay marketplace and the software has built in development features which enable you to create new store pages, add content to these pages, create content pages, modify your template etc etc.

Basically, in the space of about 10 minutes (once you are familiar with how the software works) you can create a fully functional eBay affiliate website targeted to the niche market of your choice.

Your store content is all search engine friendly which will provide the foundation for attracting targeted traffic from the search engines and you can then use the development features to attract more targeted visitors which will in turn mean more eBay affiliate commissions.

It really is a brilliant concept and I’ve been hearing great things about the guys behind the project and the member forum which you get lifetime access to when you purchase the product.

Build A Niche Store comes with a step by step user manual which will walk even the most technically inexperienced through setting up their eBay affiliate website, 9 professional template layouts which can be customized (from inside your admin panel) to match your target niche, lifetime member forum access, comprehensive product support and possibly most importantly – an UNLIMITED domain license which means you can build as many of these niche websites as you want for the small one time fee.

Think about how many niches eBay caters to!

How big could your eBay affiliate business be?!

This product gets my full recommendation.  I have made more money from this one affiliate program than any other – and with less effort – check it out today…

Click Here To Read More About Build A Niche Store

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11 Dec 07 eMail Marketing

Has the response to your e-mail promotions taken a nose-dive?

… Then you will want to pay close attention to this article! If the response to your e-mail marketing promotions has taken a nose-dive recently, hear me out on this: Everytime someone announces that they’ve just discovered the “next big thing” in online marketing, I’m naturally a little
bit skeptical.

Sowhen I heard that world-renowned Internet marketing expert Corey Rudl has a “revolutionary” new product, I
wasn’t sure what to expect!

But then I read his article — the one that’s included here. And let me just say that I know my marketing techniques will be drastically different from now on!

I strongly suggest that you read this!

From: Internet Marketing Center

Over the past few months, a number of my subscribers have been asking me about the latest marketing technology to hit the Internet.

It’s called “direct-to-desktop” publishing, and right now,
it’s the exclusive property of Fortune 500 companies who are paying tens of thousands (even hundreds of thousands!) of dollars to have hotshot developers create custom software that lets them cash in on the new technology.

Direct-to-desktop publishing gives these elite companies the kind of advantages that most Internet marketers can only dream about…

  • 100% guaranteed message delivery
  • Instant messages that appear in full color and sound, right
    on a customer’s computer desktop
  • An exclusive, private communication channel with
    loyal customers and subscribers

All in a customized, branded window with their company logo at the top.

When you visit one of these companies’ web sites (think online music stores, sports fan sites, entertainment sites, and so on), you’ll see an offer that says something like “Click this button to
receive instant updates direct to your desktop.”

Click the button and you’ll download a small, customized “reader”
application that lets your computer receive messages from the company.

The advantages of ‘Direct-to-desktop’

Direct-to-desktop publishing lets you send HTML messages directly to your customers’ desktops — instantly, reliably, and electronically — without having to wrestle with e-mail filters, bounce backs, or competition.

Once customers sign up, they don’t have to check their e-mail or visit your web site to get your latest news or updates. A flashing desktop icon alerts them as soon as they receive a message from you — and all they have to do is click to read it.

It’s brilliant. The system doesn’t use e-mail, yet it is 100% opt-in
– subscribers simply turn off the program if they wish to stop
receiving messages.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved: Subscribers receive messages only from companies they trust. No spam, no pop-ups, no third-party ads… just legitimate messages from a sender they want to hear from. And companies get to deliver their messages without ISPs or e-mail filters getting in the way.

The right technology at the right time

Here’s the bottom line: E-mail marketing is getting more and more
complicated. While e-mail is still a powerful marketing tool (Proof:
I used it to make more than $2.4 million last year, and I’m on track to do the same again this year), these days you need to work harder than ever to keep in touch with your list of customers and subscribers.

Here’s why:

  • Subscribers change their e-mail addresses, leaving you without a way to contact them.
  • Your legitimate messages get wrongfully trashed by overactive junk mail filters.
  • People’s free e-mail accounts fill up quickly, causing your messages to bounce back.
  • And even when your e-mail makes it into a subscriber’s inbox, it can get lost in a sea of newsletters, personal messages, promotions, and spam if you don’t know what you’re doing.

For these reasons, many marketers are looking for opportunities to use this new direct-to-desktop technology as a “partner” tool
that works hand-in-hand with their e-mail and advertising campaigns.

Unfortunately, there are still a few problems with it…

The ‘big guys’ have cornered the market

Right now, the Fortune 500 companies have cornered the market on direct-to-desktop publishing. And for good reason — they’ve been the only ones who could afford it!

These companies have paid huge sums of money to have software developers convert their company materials into compatible content. They’ve hired professional designers to come up with attractive, customized “reader”applications they can send to their subscribers. And they’ve put tons of money into developing flashy graphics, streaming audio, and video clips to send out.

There is a tremendous opportunity for marketers to be at the very front of the curve, taking advantage of this red-hot new technology to get secure, direct access to the desktops of your customers… But unfortunately, it’s next to impossible for the average person to get set up with direct-to-desktop technology right now.

You need to know a programming language like XML to create your content “feed.” And unless you’re willing to hire some expensive software developers, your subscribers will have to use a generic “newsreader” application to receive your messages.

Where this new technology is heading

The current situation of direct-to-desktop publishing reminds me of the way things looked on the Internet five years ago, when most
companies didn’t have web sites yet. Only a few highly funded Internet start-ups (remember the dot-com boom?) had the money, software, and skills to develop a professional site.

Then a few companies started looking at how to make web design accessible to the public — and now, user-friendly web design software has made it easy for anyone to create a professional-looking e-commerce web site in minutes!

The same thing happened with e-mail marketing. At first, it was just a few entrepreneurs testing the water to see if there was a way to avoid paying postage for direct mail promotions — and now, thanks to e-mail automation software, it seems like every company is using e-mail to distribute their promotions and newsletters.

And now, the same situation has come up again. This technology will become mainstream in the future, but it’s those who get in on it FIRST who will see the biggest profits from it. And at the moment, it’s just now affordable for all of us smaller companies that don’t make billions of dollars a year.

I’ll let you in on a ‘little secret’…

I know from talking to Corey that he just didn’t think it was
fair that Fortune 500 companies are the only ones that can
afford this technology, while marketers like you and me have to settle for inferior, stop-gap solutions.
And I know that he and his team have been quietly working on a solution to allow “regular” small online business
owners start using “direct-to-desktop” technology
for a tiny fraction of what those Fortune 500 companies are
Just recently, Corey released his powerful new solution to a select group of his customers and subscribers… complete with customization, branding, and tracking tools BEYOND what these $10,000+ solutions typically offer. And now YOU have the opportunity gain a HUGE advantage by making sure you reach the market with this FIRST — long before your competitors even know it exists!

Go to:

but don’t delay, because like Corey said, the marketers
who use this first will be the ones to see the biggest profits.

I hope this information helps you kick your online marketing into the next generation!


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07 Dec 07 Dented, dinged and bashed copies of Internet Marketing Centre Products

I received this email this morning -

I just got an email from Derek Gehl I had to tell you about.

Get this…

Apparently, a whole stack of boxes containing his “Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet” courses fell over, and almost landed on one of his employees!

(I can see the headlines now: “Internet marketing guru turns warehouse employee into human pancake.”)

Keep in mind that just one of Derek’s courses contains
850+ pages, plus DVDs, CDs, booklets, and tons more…
So having one of them landing on your head would NOT be pleasant!

Anyway, Derek told me his employee was ok… but his courses weren’t so lucky. Apparently most of them were slightly
*damaged* from the tumble.

A few scratches here and there, the odd dent, maybe a bent page. Bummer!

But Derek is famous for being a perfectionist, and he thinks those copies of his step-by-step “Insider Secrets”
course are not quite pristine enough to sell at the regular price.

… So he’s going to give them away at a HUGE discount!

Dented copies of Insider Secrets

Just in case you haven’t heard of “Insider Secrets”
before, here’s what you need to know:

This Internet marketing “bible” has been the best-selling guide to how to grow your own money-making Internet business from scratch for more than 10 years running for one reason — the strategies inside WORK! — and it’s been updated with brand new strategies for 2007.

So if you’re willing to overlook the odd scratch on the cover or the occasional dog-eared page, this is your chance to get your hands on the exact same information that 1,000s of regular folks have already used to generate full-time incomes of $50,000… $100,000… even $250,000 (and more!) per year on the Internet from the comfort of their own homes…

… And you can get the blueprint they followed for a small fraction on the regular price they paid!

There’s just one catch: Derek only has 267 ‘damaged’
copies up for grabs, so don’t delay. *This offer is strictly first come, first served basis.*

To your success,

Derek Gehl
The Internet Marketing Center

P.S. If you’ve been dreaming about starting your own successful Internet business, but lack of cash has been holding you back, this is your perfect opportunity to get your hands on ALL the tools you need to start your own highly profitable Internet business and earn a life-changing income…

… WITHOUT a big upfront investment!

So hurry, before those 267 copies are gone! Go to:

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08 Oct 07 How to win with Google

Just a few times a year, stealth Internet marketing commando Derek Gehl holds a LIVE Internet marketing “bootcamp,” where he reveals his most closely-guarded online profit secrets to a small, select handful of online entrepreneurs.

Now, not everyone can afford the time and expense of traveling to a cutting-edge Internet marketing seminar in Singapore, New York, Sydney, and other select cities Derek has recently visited…

But does that mean YOU should miss out on learning the precise formula he uses to attract tens of THOUSANDS of people to his websites each month, generating over $19 MILLION in online sales last year alone?

Now, you can get the unfair advantage of the online profit secrets spilled at this Internet marketing guru’s seminar – from the comfort of your own living room!

Derek is blowing open the doors to his exclusive seminar with his “The Internet Millionaire’s Protege Bootcamp Videos!”

6 DVDs of LIVE footage taken during his top-secret “bootcamp” walk you through little-known tactics you can use to FAST TRACK starting and growing a brand new online business from scratch.

And if you already have a website, Derek shows you exactly how to attract more customers that ever before, and take your bank account to new profit-soaring heights!

PLUS, he’s also throwing in a 167-page profit-planning workbook that walks you through how to implement his moneymaking strategies, track your progress, and MAXIMIZE your online sales!

To get your hands on these proven formulas now, go here:


All the best,

Margaret P.S. Derek is also giving away a very special BONUS gift to the first handful of people to scoop up this unfair online profits advantage… but quantities are limited!

To scoop up this free gift now, click here:

Protege BootCamp

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04 Oct 07 Can I show you a way to earn extra commission?

I want to show you an exciting opportunity that is currently earning thousands of other netrepreneurs huge incomes every single month without the headaches of actually selling your own product!

The fact is, I don’t typically endorse other people’s products, never mind business ventures. However, after generating some serious profits doing nothing more than making a few simple recommendations, I just knew THIS WASN’T A SECRET I COULD KEEP TO MYSELF.

The “Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet” course is the #1 best-selling Internet Marketing course online — and now you have the UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to recommend this quality product to your visitors, customers, and subscribers, and…


This means that you can easily:

A) CAPITALIZE ON THE LIFETIME VALUE OF CUSTOMERS you may have from an existing e-business by sending them “backend” offers for the course. (Statistics have repeatedly shown that, of the people who have bought from you before, 36% WILL BUY AGAIN!)

B) EARN 250% MORE SALES than you would promoting your own product by making a “friendly recommendation” as opposed to pushing your own product or service.

… All without the usual hassles and expense of product development and fulfillment!

It’s extremely easy to do because you just post a link, a banner, or a short letter of recommendation on your web site — or perhaps recommend the course in your newsletter or e-zine — and then COLLECT A PERCENTAGE OF THE PROFITS (called a “referral fee”) when a sale is made!

You don’t ever worry about:

- Collecting the money

- Packaging the product

- Shipping the product

- Customer service

… or anything else for that matter! You just do the promotion and collect your referral fee from the resulting sales!

Typically, affiliates who have web sites with low traffic earn between $400 – $900 per month, affiliates with medium traffic sites earn anywhere from $1,200 – $2,700 per month, and heavy traffic sites can expect $4,000+ per month. Their top affiliates are earning $8,000+ every month!

So if you’d like to learn how you can join the Internet Marketing Center’s Affiliate Program today — at absolutely no cost, with absolutely no risk — and start profiting from products that are earning current affiliates thousands of dollars every month, then I highly recommend visiting…


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21 Aug 07 Who Else Wants to Make An Extra $1,000 to $10,000 a Month

— Within A Matter of WEEKS? (Hint: the secret is eBay!)

Dan and Christine Millar were looking to start their lives
over. Dan had just been in a plane crash that had left
him with a serious head injury, and he was forced to quit
his office job.

So they decided to give eBay a try. Since they were new to
the world of online business, they partnered with one of
Derek Gehl’s Advanced eBay Mentors…

And in their first 8 months, they generated more than
$100,000 in sales!

Was their success due to pure luck, or some kind of “fluke”?

Not at all!

Dan and Christine used Derek Gehl’s proven eBay success
system — the exact step-by-step system Derek’s elite team
of expert eBay PowerSellers have been using to teach their
students to build their own successful eBay businesses.

How successful? Many of their students start making an extra
$1,000 to $10,000 a month, within a matter of WEEKS!

And now, for the first time ever, Derek’s expert eBay team
have agreed to let him put their proven eBay success system down
on paper, so anyone can use it to achieve a life-changing income
on eBay.

So if you’re keen to learn how you can tap into eBay’s amazing
profit potential — and start making an extra $12,000 to $120,000 a
year in just weeks — then I suggest you visit:

P.S. Despite what some so-called eBay “gurus” will tell you,
you’re not going to score instant wealth on eBay by selling random
trash from your attic. (Sure, you may make some money — but
life-changing income? Forget about it.)

There’s a specific, step-by-step system you need to follow in
order to achieve eBay success. My team of expert eBay PowerSellers
refers to it as “RSLAP.”

You can learn more about it here:

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18 Mar 07 Build a Niche Store

How To Monetize Your Website More Effectively So you’ve done the hard work…you’ve chosen the niche market that you are going to target, you’ve created the content that they’d be interested in, you’ve implemented your onpage and offpage search engine optimization and finally you’ve managed to establish your website in it’s market and are being rewarded by a steady flow of traffic from the search engines and other sources.

Now – Your BIG question is –

“How do you convert this steady flow of traffic into money”?

You will no doubt already be trying certain methods, an AdSense ad here and an affiliate link there, for example, but there’s something new that I wanted to tell you about.

This “something new” will do three things for your website:

1. It will instantly make it more profitable.

2. It will give it more keyword rich content pages which will give it more search engine rankings which will increase that “steady flow of traffic” and make it even more profitable.

3. It will give it another dimension further distinguishing it from its competitors whilst enhancing your visitors experience.

So what is this “something new”?

It’s a clever piece of software called Build A Niche Store and what it does is enable you to instantly build an affiliate store made up of eBay’s products and matched to your target niche.

This means that if you have a Golf website, with Build A Niche Store you will be able to add all of eBay’s golf products to it, and if you have an Antiques site then you will be able to add all of eBay’s antique items…you get the idea.

You simply install the script, choose your niche, press build and you automatically have your own niche specific affiliate store which updates automatically (Yes – NO data feeds!) and which:

1. Will generate money for you when one of your website visitors buys an item through it.

2. Will give your website hundreds or thousands (depending on your niche) content rich product pages which will get indexed in the search engines targeting keywords you would otherwise not be reaching.

3. Will add a shopping experience for your visitors.

It’s truly a great piece of software and looks set to become all the rage in the coming year.

You can check out the official Build A Niche Store website where you’ll find case studies and a live demo which is sure to get your creative juices flowing at the link below.

This one gets my thumbs up!

Click Here To Check Out Build A Niche Store

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